A spam filter is a software application that obstructs unasked-for messages from reaching a given mailbox. A large percentage of the email correspondence around the globe is composed of spam messages: offers for pills or cash, fake bank notifications, etc. This is why, it is extremely important to set up filters to avoid not only spam messages, but also any possibility of being ripped off somehow. Filters detect different things, so as to provide higher levels of safety – particular words or the frequency with which they occur in the text, the sender’s address, or the IP address of the sender’s outbound email server. Web hosting companies often make use of the services of third-party spam-tracking organizations that offer up-to-the-minute databases to render spam filtering easier and more efficient without affecting legitimate emails, even if they include suspicious words.
Spam Filters in Website Hosting
Our website hosting servers employ one of the best spam filters out there. It’s called SpamAssassin and is available with each shared hosting package, so in case you host your domain names with our company, you can choose one of the 5 levels of protection that the spam filter offers for any email account that you’ve got here. You can do this with just two clicks of the mouse from the Email Manager section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that is used to manage all web hosting accounts. SpamAssassin examines the header section and the body of every message, calculates a spam score and then proceeds on the basis of the level that you’ve chosen. Every email account can have a different level and you can choose if the messages that the spam filter flags as spam should be erased or re-sent to a different mailbox where you can review them later, so as to prevent erasing a genuine message. Switching to another level or disabling the anti-spam protection is also really easy.
Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Servers
If you use a semi-dedicated server package from our company and if you set up one or more email addresses with any of the domain names hosted under the account, you will be able to enable the advanced, five-level SpamAssassin anti-spam filter that we offer and keep all undesirable email messages out of your mailbox. This option is accessible through the Hepsia Control Panel’s Email Manager section and it can be activated or deactivated for any mailbox whenever you like. You can also adjust the protection level with a couple of clicks if spam email messages continue to reach your inbox or the email filter starts deleting genuine messages. As you can select if the spam should be erased immediately or delivered to a separate mailbox, you can create spam@domain.com, for instance, and view all filtered messages there, so as to ensure that you will not omit an email message that you need. The emails that the spam filter allows to proceed will still appear in your inbox.